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The two main pests that cause problem in a lawn are leatherjackets and chafer grubs. Both these pests are larvae that feed on the grass roots which caused death or damage to the grass plant.


Season: Spring and summer
Symptoms: Leatherjackets are the larvae of daddy long-legs. You are at risk if you see a large number of daddy long legs in you lawn, you have suffered with leatherjackets in the past or your lawn is thin and patchy. They cause yellow or brown dead patch in the summer.
Preventative measures:
From April – May a leatherjacket killer can be applied. During the summer a polythene sheet can be laid on the lawn.
The leatherjacket will come to the surface overnight and can be lifted off in the morning.

2)Chafter Grubs

Season: late summer
Symptoms: More common on sandy soils, but leave the grass in the same condition above.
Preventative measures:
It is best to treat in late summer as this is when the grub is closest to the surface. Treatment is similar to leatherjacket with the use of a biological chemical.